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HUSBANDS: Is your wife mean and grumpy?

Husbands, are you wondering why your wife is mean and grumpy these days – if so, look in the mirror – you could be looking at why.

Thanks to one of my younger brothers, I recently learned of and listened to a pod cast by Joseph Prince, Senior Pastor of New Creation Church in Singapore. The pod cast was titled, “Secrets for marriage in Hebrew letters.” Mr. Prince is known for eloquently mixing in the Hebrew meaning of words in a lot of his teachings. In this particular message Mr. Prince dissected the meaning of both man and woman in Hebrew then illustrated how God designed man and woman to complete each other. He further expounded that when bride and groom are united they spell the Hebrew word “power to get wealth”.

I would love to write an exhaustive blog about this particular pod cast, however, I know my limitations and know that I will not give justice to this eloquent teaching on marriage and a husband’s love for his wife. Therefore, for your viewing pleasure I have included a link to the pod cast that I am referring to.

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