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It Is Written: Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas

Terry Cato interviews bestselling author Dr. Arianna Sholes-Douglas. Arianna Sholes-Douglas, MD, FACOG is the founder and visionary of Tula Wellness, PLLC. She has practiced medicine for over 20 years and is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and Maternal-Fetal Medicine. As a graduate of the University of Arizona’s Integrative Medicine Fellowship, founded by Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Arianna combines her extensive knowledge in women’s health with the field of integrative medicine. Dr. Arianna specializes in integrative women’s health, a subspecialty of gynecology that incorporates evidenced-based alternative medical therapies to promote healing, recognizes that several factors (mind, body, and spirit) contribute to wellness, and honors a patient-centered approach and healing partnerships between patient and physician.

It Is Written: Berneitha McNair

Terry Cato interviews author, consultant, and business owner Berneitha McNair. Ms. McNair is the Founder and President of Berneitha McNair Consulting (BMC) and has experience as a nonprofit executive director, state association board chair, workforce board member, and adjunct instructor. McNair was previously employed as the Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. and served as Board Chair of the Florida Association for Community Action. McNair graduated with honors from the University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. She also completed Master’s Degree Coursework at Southern Miss. McNair has a wealth of knowledge gained throughout her career. Her innovative and interactive sessions were strategically designed by utilizing a modern, trendy approach to training that will inspire teams. McNair’s presentations are informative, motivational, energetic, and designed to help businesses and individuals enhance their capacity to achieve results. McNair created a new leadership style, D.O.P.E. leadership. She is currently writing her first book, D.O.P.E. Leadership: Success is in the Style.

Episode 17: Real Talk w/Terry: Judge Ladoris Cordell Pt1 Real Talk w/Terry

Host, Terry Cato interviews retired Independent San Jose Police Auditor, Judge LaDoris Cordell. They discuss the Police Officer Duty Manual, The Peace Officer's Bill of Rights, what this means to the general public and more! 
  1. Episode 17: Real Talk w/Terry: Judge Ladoris Cordell Pt1
  2. It Is Written: Dr. Candice Weaver
  3. It Is Written: Angela Marie Holmes
  4. It Is Written: Author Toni Shiloh
  5. It Is Written: Author Linda Strader

It Is Written: Tina Jones Williams

Terry Cato interviews award winning author Tina Jones Williams.

Williams was born and raised in Berkeley, California. There were six children in her family, three boys and three girls – a perfectly matched set. She attended a neighborhood elementary school where she learned that having fun and getting along with others was the true reason for going to school. She was a member of the first desegregated class at Garfield Junior High and went on to Berkeley High School, the only public high school in town. Tina loved being a teen in Berkeley in the late 60s – her group of friends had free reign to walk throughout the city and discover ways to navigate the twists and turns of life. Her first summer job at University of California at Berkeley was in a building just off of Sproul Plaza where, on any given day, she could look outside her window and see students protesting social injustice and police officers attempting to dissuade them.

Tina is a proud and active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the oldest African American Sorority with an International membership of 260,000 college-educated women committed to a lifetime of service to ALL mankind. She is also a member of the National League of American Pen Women, is a Berkeley Historical Society Docent, she is an active contributor to the South Berkeley Legacy Project, Career Coach, and a Literacy Coach.
Tina is hopeful that you enjoy reading her books as much as she enjoys writing them. 

Books by the author:
Some Things I Want You to Know

Sara’s Song, Dance or Get Out, Perfect Pitch, All’s Well That Ends: The Julia Street Series

For Their Convenience, On Closer Inspection: Bridge to Freedom Books 1&2 Currently working on A Delicate Balance  Bridge to Freedom Book 3

It Is Written: Dr. Gerri Forte

Host, Terry Cato introduces the quarantine series, “It Is Written” a series of author interviews. Her first guest, Dr. Gerri Forte is the author of “Of Prayers and Beatings”.

The story of Cleodine Georgette Duarté is told through firsthand narrative style as she discovers pertinent historical information that led to her understanding and forgiveness of the parent whose emotionally imbalanced actions terrorized her childhood while at the same time developed the foundation for the person that she has become. 
The story begins in rural Mississippi during the 1800’s when the first members of her father’s family were imported from the Bahamas to a plantation in Newton Mississipi and transgresses through the decades to life in the current day Silicon Valley.  An understanding of mental illness coupled with the impact of systemic racism help Cleodine to understand, forgive and love.

Catch the first episode:

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