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It Is Written: Berneitha McNair

Terry Cato interviews author, consultant, and business owner Berneitha McNair. Ms. McNair is the Founder and President of Berneitha McNair Consulting (BMC) and has experience as a nonprofit executive director, state association board chair, workforce board member, and adjunct instructor. McNair was previously employed as the Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Community Action Agency, Inc. and served as Board Chair of the Florida Association for Community Action. McNair graduated with honors from the University of Southern Mississippi (Southern Miss) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication. She also completed Master’s Degree Coursework at Southern Miss. McNair has a wealth of knowledge gained throughout her career. Her innovative and interactive sessions were strategically designed by utilizing a modern, trendy approach to training that will inspire teams. McNair’s presentations are informative, motivational, energetic, and designed to help businesses and individuals enhance their capacity to achieve results. McNair created a new leadership style, D.O.P.E. leadership. She is currently writing her first book, D.O.P.E. Leadership: Success is in the Style.

Episode 17: Real Talk w/Terry: Judge Ladoris Cordell Pt1 Real Talk w/Terry

Host, Terry Cato interviews retired Independent San Jose Police Auditor, Judge LaDoris Cordell. They discuss the Police Officer Duty Manual, The Peace Officer's Bill of Rights, what this means to the general public and more! 
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