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Real Talk w/Terry: After Hours E4_Let’s Talk About Masturbation

In this episode of Real Talk w/Terry After Hours, host Terry Cato chats with resident sexpert, Bre, who talks about the health benefits of masturbation. Feel free to email ( the show if there is an after hours topic that you would like for them to cover. And follow the ladies on social media @realtalkwterry and @prettysexucated join (or start!) the Facebook discussion. 

Real Talk w/Terry: After Hours E1

In this first episode of Real Talk w/Terry: After Hours, host Terry Cato chats with resident SexPert Bre about talking to your children and teens about sex. When is the right time to have “the talk?” How do you handle talking to your teen who wants to have sex?

It Is Written: Dr. Candice Weaver

Host, Terry Cato interviews the author of “Nia’s Puzzle”, Dr. Candice Weaver.

Nia’s puzzle is a charming story that teaches us all how to approach the inevitable ups-and-downs of life. In this story, 6-year-old Nia (named after the Swahili word for “purpose”) spends the night with her grandmother, Nana. Nana and Nia bake cookies and work on a puzzle. During this bonding time, Nana shares a story that was passed down to her, that details the analogy of life being like a puzzle that we must put together one piece at a time. This is a story for anyone who has ever tried to force little pieces of their puzzle where they didn’t belong; fretted over pieces that made no sense at the time; or been frustrated with an incomplete view of their “big picture.” Nia’s puzzle teaches us to handle life’s setbacks and challenges with resilience by bravely facing them with a broad, optimistic perspective.

Episode 29: Real Talk w/Terry: After Hours_E8 Men Who Will Not Commit Real Talk w/Terry

Host Terry Cato welcomes back resident sexpert Pretty Sexucated. They discuss some men's inability to commit in a relationship and what happens when you stop allowing the non-commitment type to take up space in your life. #NoLongerABridesmaid
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