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Who Cares That WR Chad Johnson was cut from the Miami Dolphins?


Unless you’ve been under a rock or out of the country these past couple of days, those of us who follow pop culture know that wide receiver Chad (formerly Ochocinco) Johnson was cut from the Miami Dolphins football team. I think most of us are saying, “I saw that one coming.” Especially if you watch HBO’s Hard Knocks reality show that is following the Miami Dolphins training camp this year. In the show’s most recent episode, Johnson was warned by the team Coach that his comments at a recent press conference were not acceptable; that the team had an image to maintain and his actions could have dire consequences. Well, the wide receiver is now out of a job.

Johnson’s latest media spectacle surrounds an alleged domestic violence incident with new wife Evelyn Lozada Johnson, cast member on VH1’s Basketball Wives. TMZ has reported that the couple got into a verbal altercation when Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s vehicle. The argument escalated to the point where Chad allegedly head-butted Evelyn causing a laceration on her forehead. The police report stated that Evelyn went to a neighbor’s house to get away from Chad where she called the police.Image

The couple appears to be magnets for negative media attention. The new Mrs. Johnson has made quite a name for herself in realty TV. Just this past season on the show Basketball Wives, she has thrown a bottle of wine at a fellow cast member, has leaped across a table in an attempt to fight a former best friend, and is ever ready to curse somebody who challenges and/or looks at her sideways. This all made her less than popular with the viewing audience.

The former Ochocinco has made a couple of cameo appearances on this past season’s Basketball Wives reality show. Me personally, I never understood what Evelyn’s attraction was to him. He was portrayed on the show as a significant other that was constantly insulting and degrading his wife-to-be. I recall one comment that he said to her, “you are like the last slice of pizza that nobody else wants.” She laughed at the comment, however, what woman in her right mind would laugh at and brush off such foolishness?  I also remember the “serious” and I use that term loosely conversation that the two had about rumors that he was cheating. He candidly told her that he was not a one woman man, then joked with her about bringing a third person to their bed of intimacy. I’m paraphrasing her response that was something of the effect, “if you have to cheat, use protection.”

The fact that she told him that if he was going to sleep around and cheat, that he should use protection – why then is she upset when she finds a receipt for condoms in his vehicle? This appeared to be the common question on my Facebook timeline from everyone who had commentary on the issue. If you have given your fiancé the green light to cheat by telling him to use protection, why are you upset when you find evidence that suggests he may be cheating?


What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think she missed some major red flags in her quest to wear the dress?

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