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Do You Know Who Your Family Member is Dating?

By: Alice Curt

When someone in your family starts dating, you want to know if he/she is making the right choice and their safety is not compromised. But with technology enabled modern dating, that can be difficult to guarantee.

Online Dating
Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to meet and form relationships online. In fact, Esquire mentioned that young adults and 55-65 year olds are the most active users of online dating services. As this convenient way of meeting people started to take off, new dangers have also appeared. There are people who create fake profiles to scam others. Harassment is also a real risk as well as identity theft or fraud. These potential scenarios make it hard not to ask about a family member’s dating life. That’s why Relationships-411 previously listed apps that guardians should know about.

What To Do
In spite of our protective nature, it’s important that you give your loved one enough space. Reality-based dating shows have influenced us to be curious of other people’s romantic lives. The Bachelor, for instance, is still running strong after 22 seasons. The British series Love Island is another program with the same goal, as contestants in the show aim to find romance. Ladbrokes notes that the latest season’s most loved couple are Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer. They are a perfect example of having limits on prying into a family member’s relationship. Dani’s father, actor Danny Dyer, anonymously asked about the private details of his daughter’s relationship on the radio. Thankfully, Dani didn’t kiss and tell. If shows like the aforementioned still pique our interest in strangers’ dating lives, it’s not hard to understand why people would want to know about their loved ones’ relationships, especially if it will help keep them safe.

US News suggests striking a balance between talking and listening, making sure not to impose your own feelings on your loved one. Trust their judgment and that you’ve taught them well about the dangers of modern dating. Unless the person they’re dating is outright putting them in harm’s way, just be supportive of who they choose to be with.

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6 Best Hookup Results and Stories

By: Clark Ma

No one in this world can say that hookups aren’t glorious. Casual sex is one of the best ways to let off steam and experience something new, every once in a while. Doing the same monotonous things every day can take a heavy toll on you over time. So it’s a great thing to turn off your brain and have fun with strangers. Casual sex was once considered to be a negative experience to partake in, but lately, a lot has changed in our world. Today, although there is still a little bit of stigma attached to it, more people are comfortable to be open about it. 

To help with casual sex encounters there are many amazing dating apps out there which come with fantastic and convenient features to help you find the perfect partner. There might be a few crazy people there too, but with a little bit of common sense and caution, you can prevent any potential complications from developing. If you use these dating apps properly, you can be on your way to having some great casual sex.

However, because of the great potential dating apps offer, things can get a little bit crazy when it comes to such encounters. You get to hear some really wacky/cool/bizarre hook up stories if you really look for them. Here are some of the best hookup results and stories people have had online.

1) The Heartfelt Pick up Line

One man shared his amazing hook up story online about the time he hooked up with girls on a popular dating app. During his college time, he was using the app and swiping girls nonstop for days and accumulated over 300 matches. From the 300 matches; he sent messages to two girls with the pickup line, “Sit on my face and I’ll eat my way to your heart”. This line might sound corny, but it worked on both of them. Maybe they both liked sitting on faces or they found this line to be clever enough to sleep with him. Either way, he is one happy camper.

2) Hooking Up in Sacred Places

One woman shared her insane hook up story online about the time she had casual sex with a stranger in one of the most sacred places of her life. She met a guy online and later went on a date with him. After walking through a park for some time, they started making out and decided to have sex. They both found a private spot in the park and went to town on each other. After reaching home she spoke about her date and where she went,to her mom. Her mom replied that the spot where she went to was the same place where her parents got married. Weddings will never be the same for her ever again.

3) Sex Education

One guy, curious about dating apps decided to join one to see what  the buzz was all about. He browsed the app and soon found someone. They both went out for a date and later ended up in bed. The woman was an artist and a gamer and they both watched porn on their date before having sex. The next day morning he went back to his place and life went back to being normal. A few days later he went to college, only to see the same girl again, only this time she was his art history teacher!

4) You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound Dog

A guy found a girl online who was still living with her parents. They started playing around on the couch and as things escalated they decided to try anal. After the whole experience, he pulled out and she defecated on the couch. Next day her parents saw it and blamed the dog for it. This is just the best, worst hook up story you can find online.

5) Desperation Comes At a Price!

A guy and a girl went on their first date to a live music venue. It was an important moment for both, as that venue was to be torn down after this event. After the show, they both decided to go home and have some fun. Alcohol was also present in their company and that too lots of it. Once they reached his home, he realized that he doesn’t have his keys with him. Desperate to not let this glorious opportunity be wasted, he picked up his skateboard and threw it at his window. The glass shattered and flew everywhere but he managed to get in and open the door from the inside. Sadly his roommates reached a few minutes later, to find the broken glass pieces all over the floor. Long story short, he sure got laid, but had to pay $150 for it.

6) Two Negatives Make a Positive

Nothing unites two people more than sadness and the will to overcome it. A guy and a girl met through a mutual friend online, after coming out of separate bad break ups. After meeting at their friend’s place they really didn’t hit off. Both of them still had their personal walls up, unwilling to open up to other people and new experiences. After talking to each other for some time, they started realizing that they share a lot of pain and struggle. They wanted to come out of that harmful phase, but were too afraid to take a chance.

They both went to bed as two friends and after a few hours she was asleep, but the guy was still awake. For some reason he couldn’t take his eyes off the girl. Seeing her sleep so peacefully made him fall in love with her. As crazy as it sounds, he saw something in her that he was struggling with. When she slept, all of her worry and pain washed away and only her beauty remained. He told her about what he felt the next day and she smiled and left. The next day she called him and asked him to come to her place. What followed were the greatest nights either of them had ever had. Sometimes sharing your experiences and burdens with someone ends up making the most powerful connections.  

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Social Media is Ruining My Relationship!

The other day, I was listening to a local radio show during my morning commute and the discussion for the day was about a comment that someone sent to the Show Hosts stating that, “…social media is ruining my relationship.”

In summation, the person was very insecure that her boyfriend had so many female friends on Facebook and Instagram; especially since he was – in her words – always posting suggestive photos and enjoyed the attention he gets from the women in the form of “likes.”


What are your thoughts? Is the boyfriend wrong for enjoying this type of attention? Or is the girlfriend being overly sensitive?



Relationship Hot Topics

As we approach the season of love, (Christmas through Valentine’s Day) where a lot of couples historically get engaged, if I was a betting person – I would bet that half of the couples who will get engaged and then married do not discuss these critical topics BEFORE getting married:


  1. Finances – who will manage the finances, how will bank accounts be set-up and managed;
  2. Sex – their view on sex (frequency, preferences/likes, dislikes);
  3. Children – how many they will have and/or how they will raise them;
  4. Faith or lack of – their belief system and commitment to their faith;
  5. Career aspirations/dreams/goals – some people actually talk about their career aspirations with their future spouse, but most fail to discuss their dreams and wants.

If this is you – you have become recently engaged to be married, talk about everything. Don’t just cover the obvious basics: the past, family dynamics, and failed relationships. Discuss sensitive issues, such as your spending habits and view on money/finances; how many children you want and how you will discipline them, how you will introduce them to your faith, etc.; and don’t be afraid to share your dreams with your future spouse.

Communication is KEY in marriage. The foundation for good communication should be laid long before you say “I do”.


Real Talk w/Terry: Relationships 101, Part 2

I’m excited to share part 2 of my panel discussion with co-eds at San Jose State University. I truly enjoyed my time interviewing the students; we talked about everything from the Tinder app and the perceived hook-up culture of  millennial’s to should they date someone with kids.


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Relationships 101

I recently had the opportunity to interview a co-ed panel at San Jose State University for my show Real Talk w/Terry. We discussed dating, relationships and life on campus.

For part one of the panel discussion, tune in and join in on the conversation:

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