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married-couple 3I recently read a post on social media that said, “the whores from high school are now all the Facebook Prophets and Preachers”. I was like wow! This enraged some women, who immediately became defensive and shot down the proclamation. I myself was not mad at the comment – I began to analyze it. The comment reminded me of a situation that I witnessed several years earlier. There was a young lady who attended college with me that had the reputation for being – for lack of a better word – a whore and a freak. I vividly remember thumbing through a well-known magazine, turned to the social scene and there she was arm in arm with a very handsome man; they had recently married and were being featured in the magazine. My initial thought was, “wow, this is Tracy (not her real name) from college – the campus freak!” Quite honestly, I was so surprised that later that evening, I shared what I had read with a close friend forgetting that I was driving with my younger brother and his friend in the back seat, until they overheard me say, “do you remember Tracy, the freak from college?” Then heard them laughing hysterically at my comment! I apologized for my language, and proceeded to tell her that Tracy and her HUSBAND were featured in the latest issue of a magazine in the social scene section. She, like me was surprised to say the least; her response was, “I guess there’s somebody for everybody!”

Married-coupleWith that, I’m back to my original thought when I read the Facebook post and replayed this scenario in my mind, “why do whores marry and good girls remain single?” I realize this is not entirely true 100% of the time, but for those ladies who like myself did not get married in our twenties and did not marry our college sweetheart, we lived life a little before we got married; I know I’m not the only one who as a single person went to a wedding where the bride had what we used to call “a reputation” and sat there thinking, “such-and-such, who is also known as ‘the whore’, of all people is getting married – Lord, why am I single!” I personally don’t hate when it comes to other people’s success and happiness, I am always happy to witness another’s success. However, I must be honest when I say that as a single person at one of these weddings, I would think, “if there is someone for her, Lord knows there is someone out there for me!” I’m just being honest right now.

married-couple 2Similar, to a phenomenon I wrote about Bad Boys and the Women Who Love Them, I think the same philosophy holds true for men who are attracted to and subsequently marry women who are sometimes considered “loose”. The initial attraction is in the fact that these women are exciting, adventurous, and may have actually pursued them. The man may also feel like once she is with him, she will no longer desire to be with other men. Whatever the reason, it just makes me wonder, “do good girls finish last?” and “why do loose women marry and wholesome women remain single?!” What are your thoughts?

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