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Homer and Marge Separating!

HomerAndMarge_notDivorcingOh say it ain’t so, Homer and Marge are separating! I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of the show, but I was disappointed to hear that Homer and Marge after 26 blissful seasons [years] of love were going to finally call it quits. Show Producers were quick to address rumors that the couple was not divorcing – nonetheless, the news still has fans in an uproar.

Rumor mill has it, the couple is calling it quits because of another woman and Homer’s narcolepsy. Talk about art imitating life. The other woman, and in some cases man, has been the downfall of too many marriages. Infidelity has long been cited as one of the top reasons for divorce. This reminds me of a previous blog post that I did, The 80/20 Rule; most people stray from their “80” chasing after “20”, only to find out that in any relationship there will be problems or issues – it takes two people committed to working through the good and bad times that makes any relationship work – not jumping ship when times get hard.


Whatever motivated the Producers to go this route, one thing is for sure – they have created a media fire storm. Some fans predict that they are about to kill the show and others predict the separation will be short-lived. Either way, they have peaked everyone’s interest and have boosted their initial ratings.

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