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You’ve Been Hacked

HackerAre cheaters getting what they deserve?! Until a few days ago, I had never heard of Ashley Madison; which is apparently the premiere site for spouses who want to cheat. The Canadian based company’s slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair”. I did some research into this company and learned that their most popular day for new sign-ups last year was the day after Father’s Day and their second most popular day for sign-ups was the day after Mother’s Day. Wow!

Cyber hackers breached the personal data of over 37 million clients. My initial reaction was “why?” What does it profit a hacker to breach the data of an on-line cheater’s site? So far, it’s been a mystery exactly what the hackers intention or motivation is. I myself did a little digging and learned that a huge percentage of hackers (over 51%) revealed that they hack sites for the thrill or fun of it; the next biggest motivation is for the money.

cheating-spouse-surveillanceWhatever the reason or motivation, are cheating spouses getting what they deserve?!

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