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I’m Divorcing Scandal and a Few Other Shows

Is it just me? This season, I’m not feeling the flow of Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) or even my beloved Empire! I vividly remember binge watching the first season of Scandal to get caught up before I started watching Season 2. I recall being glued to the set when HTGAWM and Empire was on last season, however, this season I have yet to make it through a full episode of any of these shows! I record them all and have not felt compelled to go back and watch and re-watch as I did several times last season with any of these shows. I fell asleep twice trying to make it through the second episode of this season’s Scandal; almost unbelievable, I know.

I was thinking, “maybe my taste has changed, perhaps I’ve grown” because these shows are not entertainment for me anymore. Then, I read a Facebook friend’s post and she shared an almost identical sentiment. That she was about to give up on HTGAWM and Empire because she was not feeling either show. Her comment garnered a lot of likes and interesting dialogue.

OpinonIconEveryone in this comment thread that I know are generally open-minded and tolerant of everyone; but, most agreed that  the gay sex scenes in several of these shows is simply not something that they want to see on television. And I agree. I am particularly disappointed in Shonda Rhimes because she is a brilliant writer and I feel that she uses this “shock and awe” factor to boost ratings with her hot, steamy love scenes when she doesn’t need to. Good old fashioned plots and scripts are sorely lacking in many of our prime time shows. Seems that the focus now is on pushing a particular agenda and the entertainment factor has taken a backseat.

Am I the only one bored with these shows?

2 thoughts on “I’m Divorcing Scandal and a Few Other Shows”

  1. This is the reason why, as a Woman of Hopeful Righteousness, I do not watch television…I do not want the subtle influences of Satan creeping into my thoughts, particularly when I am asleep; there is enough in everyday life that I don’t have to go and complicate things by willfully adding garbage…garbage in, garbage out. I prefer to entertain myself with creativity! 🙂

    1. True… “garbage in, garbage out”. I agree we should guard our eye and ear gates and be careful what we let in. Thanks for reading and commenting! Stay blessed woman of God!

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