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Why Cheat?

I read something on social media the other day, where a person posed the following question, “why do men cheat with a woman who has a nasty house with a Raid bottle behind the sofa?!” Another person responded, “because men are looking for a good lay and women are looking for an upgrade when they cheat.” Wow!…

IMG_7860(1)I don’t know if this theory is true, but it certainly made me laugh out loud; or as the younger generation says, “it made me LOL.” All jokes aside, is this true? In situations that I know of where men have cheated on good women, this seemed true. That the men were cheating down – messing over a good woman for trash. And the opposite seemed to be true for women. In situations where the woman cheated, it was usually for someone who treated her better than the man she was with.

Your thoughts. Do men cheat down and women cheat up? no-cheating



2 thoughts on “Why Cheat?”

  1. many reasons. its not simple to answer. Some cheat because their partner became unattractive, unavailable, sex is bad, boring, not enough, they were not monogamous people to begin with, they grew apart..there is a very big list

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