Real Talk w/Terry

Hot Relationship Topics

A hot relationship topic that tends to come up every now and then – especially among women is – is it ever okay to date a friend’s ex?


I’ve always had mixed feelings about this. For me, there is no black or white answer to this question, it’s definitely a shade of gray. I always ask first of all, how close is the friend? Is the person truly a friend, an acquaintance or an associate? If the person is truly someone I consider a close friend, by all means anyone they have ever dated, been romantically involved with and/or been married to is definitely off limits as far as I’m concerned. The second question, I ask, “how long ago was this relationship?” Was this someone they dated in middle or high school, were we kids?! And/or were they involved during our friendship?  For me, to date or not date a friend’s ex, is not just a “no I would NEVER do that”. It’s more of a let me pause and assess the situation and proceed with caution.

Thoughts? Is your ex off-limits to your friends?

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