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Date Night ~ Not just a movie

I recently saw the movie Date Night starring Steve  Carell and Tina Fey, as Phil and Claire Foster. They like so many other couples who have been married for a number of years have settled into married life with  kids. They go to work, come home, have dinner, then off to bed. A wake up call for this couple is when they learn that another couple who they are friends  with is in the process of separating because they have grown bored with each  other. Afraid they may be going down the same road, the husband, Phil Foster wants a date night where they do something different, in his words, they wanted one night where they felt new.

The challenge for every couple that has been married  for a significant amount of time is to not take date night for granted. This should be a time when the married couple forgets about everyday life and focus on each other. One rule my husband and I have concerning our date night is that we do not talk about household business/affairs including the kids. During our date night we talk about and focus on each other.

If you are consistently having a date night – similar to us, you may run out of things to do and have grown bored with the same old dinner and a movie. I did some research and have compiled a list of my favorite 25 things to do for a date night that veer away from the same ole same ole:

  1. Like  the Fosters, if you live in the suburbs venture into the city for entertainment or if you live in the city, visit a quaint restaurant/attraction in the suburbs,
  2. Cook a romantic meal together at home complete with a table set for two,
  3. A  slumber party for two, dinner in bed and each other for dessert,
  4. Visit  a theme park together,
  5. A  laser tag or paint ball excursion,
  6. Visit  a local zoo, museum, or botanical gardens and hold hands,
  7. A picnic in the park and feed the ducks,
  8. Attend a concert together,
  9. Attend a wine tasting,
  10. Visit a dance club and dance the night away,
  11. Attend a poetry reading,
  12. Do a hot air balloon ride over the city,
  13. Do a couples massage,
  14. Dinner and then the planetarium,
  15. Brunch at a fancy restaurant and a matinee,
  16. Take a dinner cruise,
  17. Go to a happy hour,
  18. Attend a street fair and sample foods,
  19. Go skating at an ice skating rink,
  20. Go to an indoor climbing gym,
  21. Do a hayride,
  22. Try out a local bed and breakfast,
  23. Visit a pool hall and play pool,
  24. Hit balls at the golf driving range,
  25. Take a walk on the beach.

The list is endless, the list above are a few suggestions to keep date night interesting. Have fun!

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