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A New Year, A New You …

2015ImageA NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU. Out with the old and in with the new! The beginning of a new year is the time when most of us make resolutions to be better in the new year than we have been in the past. Some people promise to quit smoking, others assert that they will eat healthier and go to the gym more and my classic resolution is that I would commit to being on time.

This is also the time of year where it seems like everyone is getting engaged – over the Christmas holiday through Valentine’s Day, the number of couples who become engaged seems to quadruple. For many who are single and desire to be married, this can be a difficult time.

sad woman_red topI understand how this can be a difficult season for many and offer encouragement for those who may be struggling with being single during this time of the year. Single ladies and MEN, allow the Lord to be the Author and finisher of your faith and your love! Being single or being alone, does not mean that you have to be lonely; there is a big difference. During your season of singleness, spend quality time with the Lord. There is a void in life that only a relationship with Him can fill – no one can fill the space reserved for God. Allow Him to be Lord in your life and He will give you strength, wisdom, direction and fulfillment to stay the course and be encouraged along the way.

Happy ManBeing single offers many advantages that are not afforded to married men and women. First and foremost, when you are single your relationship with God is primary – you can pray, meditate and fast at your heart’s desire. Married folk are not just concerned with their relationship with the Lord, but concerned with their spouse as well. Second, as a single in the church you can freely serve in the ministry; once you are married, ministry work should never come before your spouse or children. And third, when you are single you make the choice concerning where and how you will worship – not the case as a married couple, how and where you will worship should be a joint decision.

So, despite this time of year being sad and depressing for many singles out there -there is hope; use this time to work on you. Start living your best life now! Press forward and through faith allow the Lord to direct your path. Let Him be the Author and finisher of your faith and love. Love

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