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Couple of the Week Recap

April Recap

The couples profiled in April were everything inspiring and loving. Here’s a recap:

Lloyd & Terry
Married April 2, 2005


Marriage Nugget: “Choose your battles and your words wisely; there is no secret to a solid marriage foundation other than two people committed to making it work through thick and thin” 

Cameron & Sarah
Married June 15, 2013

2013-08-31 799

“Our advice for newly married couple would be to put your pride to the side! Be willing to compromise, the Lord brought you together for a reason. Start good habits and grow in the Spirit together.”

Allen & Stephanie
Married January 15, 2011

2013-08-31 854

Marriage nugget: “Marriage is an amazing journey and if you allow, it will stretch you in ways you can’t imagine. Growth in marriage requires communication, flexibility (working together), putting the other’s needs before your own, and the willingness to create a safe & trusting environment. When these elements are present, not only can you get through tough times but you will experience a greater level of intimacy and satisfaction as husband and wife – for life!”

Marcus & Nia
Married April 21, 2009

2013-08-31 878

Advice to a Newly Married Couple: “Our advice to a newly married couple would be to get on the same page as early as possible about your dreams and how you envision your lives together and work toward it in unison. Also, there’s no such thing as over-communicating – it’s impossible.”

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