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Interview: Pastor Chad Johnson


Founder: Elevate Ministries

Title: Team Chaplain, Pittsburgh Steelers

Spring Chaplain, LA Dodgers

Founder & President, Elevate Intl.

Degree in Christian Ministries

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with a long-time friend and brother in the ministry, Pastor Chad Johnson to discuss his work in the ministry with professional athletes and his state of singleness.

Occupation: Pastor Chad (PCJ) is the Chaplain for the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and MLB’s LA Dodgers. He provides pastoral services for the sports teams in addition to life coaching for players, their families and administration. He leads player and coach bible studies, and team chapel before games. Some of his other duties include: conducting couple’s bible study, performing baptismal, making hospital visits, personal prayer, one-on-one discipleship, and mentoring.

R411. When Did You Receive Your Call to Ministry?

PCJ. At the age of 19, I served at a Christian fellowship camp where I got saved. While serving and coaching at a Christian camp I got “the bug”. Then at 22, while in Bible College, I was giving a presentation – my senior exit presentation to be exact – titled, “How to Recognize the Call”. My research was two-fold, to accomplish the goals of the class project and to further explore in-depth just how do you recognize the call to the ministry. At that time, I knew that I loved God and loved sports. It was during this presentation that my call to Pastor was confirmed. Less than a year later, I became the Youth & Children’s Pastor at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona where I served for 13 years, 9 of which was in full-time ministry.


R411. Why are you Still Single [as in not married]?

PCJ. I have been in full-time ministry for 15 years and ask myself this question often. I feel that it’s never been the right relationship and the right time colliding – timing has always been the issue. I personally don’t believe that there is a “The One” when it comes to a mate; I don’t believe that God has made “The One” for us. He gave us unique personalities, has given us likes and dislikes – things that float our boat – the Word gives us the principles to govern our likes, wants, desires in a Godly way. We can be attracted to a person, but it doesn’t mean that the person is your life long partner. It has to be the right time AND the right person. I have met plenty of Godly, beautiful women who in their life were ready to be married – but I wasn’t ready … could those relationships have worked, yes. However, I wasn’t ready to love like Christ loved the church and laying down my life. I feel that when both parties conduct themselves in a God-honored way and live and conduct them/ourselves with the fruit of the Spirit any relationship will work. A mate is more our choice, instead of God’s. We can be attracted to someone and have things in common, but it’s not an automatic win for a relationship, you still have to apply Godly principles in the relationship to keep it alive. Biblical principles applied to a relationship on both sides and both people committed to it on a daily basis.

In addition to timing, I have been focused on ministry for the last 15 years. And when dealing with being a Christian single, you’re pulling from the Believer’s circle, not the general world circle; then narrow it down to someone who is as passionate and like-minded – it takes someone very unique to be with someone who is called to ministry. This is a major contributing factor to me being single.

TeamPhoto_PCJinthebackgroundPCJ. In response to the statement that women sometimes make that there are no good men out there. I say, you attract what you are. You have to be committed to becoming the person that can sustain what you want. Be able to attract and sustain what you want and desire. This takes courage – it means a deep internal process that has to take place. Let the Holy Spirit work to make you [us] into the person that He has called you [us] to be.

R411. Bishop McClendon made a Statement on the Show Preachers of LA that the wife he needed in his twenties was not the wife that he needed in his thirties. What are your thoughts, can one “out-grow” their spouse?

PCJ. I can speak from being a single man who has lived all of his twenties in ministry, and all of his thirties in ministry – from a man’s perspective my needs have drastically changed. What I needed or thought I needed at 23 is drastically different from what I need as a 38 year old. Life has a way teaching you what you thought you needed – you realize you don’t need; growing things change, when you walk with God.

My thought is that married couples grow together; growing from glory to glory together, not apart. They grow together in ministry – as the man grows, the woman grows.

When I conduct wedding ceremonies – at the wedding, I hold up a triangle, with the tip up – the side tips [or angles] are the bride and groom, and at the top is Jesus. In relationships, we are supposed to keep our eyes on Christ and the closer you grow to Jesus individually and naturally you grow closer together. Jesus does not divide.

R411. Is There Anything Else You Would Like to Share with the Singles?

PCJ. I would like to encourage single Christians out there that if we focus on our singleness too much – we can become discouraged and perhaps turn away from our faith a little bit and take matters into our own hands. The only thing this will do is cause more baggage and hurt. It’s not easy, I realize that I may be lonely at times, but never alone – Christ is always there. Being single is a unique opportunity to be able to really position yourself to be the most effective person possible. The most effective Christian as possible. You don’t have to worry to about taking care of the needs of someone else; you can come and go and serve … It is a mistake for Christians to pout about not having anybody, rather than taking advantage of the adventure of being single; being able to serve God and travel the world, and serve God in different capacities. When we take care of God’s business, he takes care of ours. You cannot beat God’s giving no matter how hard you try. The Word says in Luke, for nothing is impossible with God…. When you think about it – when you are WITH God, you can never come out with NOTHING. You can never invest in God and come out with nothing, He always produces.

It can be a struggle – being single – do I have a desire to get married, yes! I have days of feeling like I want to give up – there is growth in the journey, I may pout, but the Lord never allows me to stay there for long. If it’s the Lord’s will, I am excited and feels when it does happen I will be a good husband and family man.

PastorChadJohnson_2PCJ. In closing, I heard that marriage may not be to make you happy, it may be to make you holy.

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