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THE 80/20 RULE

A couple of weeks ago, I posted the following statement on my Facebook page, “Thinking on the 80/20 rule: 80% of the work will be done by 20% of the people – so never get weary in well doing and more importantly never walk away from your 80 chasing after a 20! The grass always looks greener on the other side …..” Needless to say, this post got several likes and comments.

After seeing the Tyler Perry movie “Why Did I get Married?” for the 20th time, this thought came to mind, “why do some despondent husbands and wives leave their spouse for someone they feel is better – often to find out, they left an 80 for a 20;” this thought continued resonating in my head. After several years of marriage, one of the husbands in this movie became very unhappy with his wife; to the point where his public humiliation of her was like a game to him. He began cheating on his wife with one of her friends and as I’ve alluded to earlier, he leaves his wife for his mistress only to find out that this new woman has problems of her own.

So what compels a person to leave their mate? Are they simply fed up? Are they tired of waiting and/or expecting the other person to change? Whatever the reason, anyone in a relationship must first of all realize one simple truth – that no one including them is perfect; and that everyone has faults, shortcomings, and idiosyncrasies. When we choose to marry someone, we are agreeing to accept that person for who they are – their faults and all! Oftentimes, when we are upset or frustrated in a relationship it is easy to focus on the negative attributes of the other person. However, our best defense is to set-up a good offense and that is to take a look in the mirror and realize that we ourselves are not perfect and the best thing we can do for our relationship and marriage is to work on becoming the best person that we can be for our mate.

Finally, I was taught as a child that the grass is always greener on the other side, but you don’t know what it takes to make it stay that way. And as one of my Facebook friends commented on my 80/20 Facebook post a few weeks ago, “…. It might be astroturf, but that requires an investment too!” So think long and hard before you leave your 80 – you could very well be getting a 20 in return.

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  1. Great postings. I really was hoping to be somewhere in the picture with the Hunter’s! LOL

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