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Bad Boys and the Women Who Love Them

“Bad boys, bad boys what you gonna do? What you gonna do when they come for you!” Why is it that some women seem to be innately attracted to those bad boys momma told us to stay away from?

Seemingly good girls who love bad boys; is it that yin-yang, night and day, oil and water affect? Who knows, but I’ve witnessed more times  than I can presently recall, a “good girl” attracted to a bad boy. In school we  would whisper, “what in the world does SHE see in HIM,” and statements like  “what could they possibly have in common?”

First things first, what exactly is a bad boy? Courtesy  of the Urban Dictionary, bad boy defined, A young man who has many  characteristics of a naughty boy: he’s independent and willful; he does what he  wants when he wants; he doesn’t follow trends, they follow him; he often looks  scruffy, but hip; he’s not looking for trouble, but there’s a sense of danger  about him. For these reasons and more, he’s irresistible to women.

He’s irresistible to women, wow!! I read an interesting  article that stated, one reason why good girls are attracted to bad boys is  that they feel they can “fix him” they view the bad boy as a project they can fix; second, the bad boy actually pursued them. The article further states that bad boys are often aggressive in their pursuit of what they want and most women enjoy being pursued by a man; on the contrary, nice guys are often viewed as being passive or afraid of rejection and may be hesitant to approach a woman for fear of rejection; and third, the bad boy is exciting! Bad boys tend to be popular, adventurous and often draw attention to themselves; some women are drawn to these characteristics.

That being said “good girls” first realize that the only person you have the power to change is you! You may have good intentions, but let’s face it, you cannot and will not change a bad boy; the motivation to change must come from within. Second, and more importantly, not only good girls, but all women must know their self-worth – as much as women enjoy being pursued by a man, let us women strive for quality. At some point, we must grow up, use our holy discernment and intelligently determine is this man good for me or is this just a waste of time and energy?

In short, leave those bad boys alone – they break your

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