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5 Reasons Why I Hate Valentine’s Day

RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU HATE VALENTINE’S DAY. Now that we are a little more than a week removed from Valentine’s Day – I must make a confession – I don’t particularly like, in fact, I hate Valentine’s Day. But, I like so many others, feel the pressure to participate in a forced day to show my love and appreciation for my loved ones!

ValentinesDay_ILoveYou2The sentiment of love and appreciation that is expressed on February 14 should be shown through-out the year. And me personally, I try to do just that – show my loved ones that I appreciate and love them randomly and authentically when I feel the unction to do so – and hate that I fall prey every year to the pressure to conform and participate in the highly commercial Valentine’s Day! I get it, not everyone is romantic, and not everyone will go the extra to express their feelings to their loved ones – so, we as a society need a designated day to do so. I’m not a modern day Scrooge, just a realist. I have my reasons for my strong disdain of V-Day.


  • Social Media overload – the over posting on social media about how wonderful one’s lover is and the need to post every single gift and sentiment,
  • The abundance of cheap, nasty candy – need I say more?! The OVER abundance of cheap, nasty candy – and to think I used to believe that there was no such thing as nasty chocolate,
  • Cheesy greeting cards – I can never find a card to say exactly and authentically what I want to say – there are tons of Valentine’s Day cards to choose from, but never ones that are authentic to what I would truly say to my loved ones, I could of course, just make a card – but I don’t want to come across as being too cheap to actually buy a card,
  • The “I’m Single & Sad crew” – when I was single (and not dating or attached) on Valentine’s Day, I must admit a time or two, I did fall into the trap of being angry and depressed on Valentine’s Day. This was short-lived as I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days alone as a single person and came to enjoy them like I would any other day. I learned to appreciate, love and celebrate myself – 24/7, 365 – not just on February 14,
  • AND my primary reason for hating V-Day is that ALL OF MY FAVORITE RESTAURANTS ARE PACKED and have crazy wait times! I typically don’t mind waiting for a table or making a reservation, but on Valentine’s Day – because most couples do the obvious and go to dinner – wait times are ridiculously long and restaurants are stricter about reservations, if they accept reservations at all.

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